“Come From Away” is a Hit!

maxximvacations March 13, 2017

Come From Away opened to tremendous reviews on Broadway last night!

As the leaders in Newfoundland & Labrador vacation packages, we understand just how special this province is. From the spirit of its people, to the landscapes and attractions that leave visitors in awe, there’s no shortage of wonder in Newfoundland. It’s great to see the kindness of Newfoundland & Labrador people being recognized on the international stage in Come From Away.

Read a summary of the musical below:

The new Broadway musical celebrates the people of Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador who welcomed strangers from around the world into their town and homes during the dark days of 9/11.

The town of Gander doubled in size in a matter of hours as 38 diverted planes and over 6,500 people landed there on September 11, 2001 when United States air space closed.

While many were amazed that without hesitation, Newfoundlanders selflessly took these strangers into their homes, it was an authentic and automatic response. We have an inherent culture of hospitality and a belief that welcoming others is just an ordinary occurrence…it’s what we do!

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