Explore Our Nova Scotia Itineraries

“Nova Scotia is home to some of the most authentic, exclusive and extraordinary coastal experiences in North America.”


This Maritime province is deeply rooted in the history of the land, the culture of the people, and the natural scenic wonders of the coastline.

The capital city of Halifax exemplifies a city literally built from its maritime roots, the harbour. As you walk along the historic waterfront, you will find yourself in immersed in a place that has a tremendous pride in its history, but also in the vibrant, modern city it has become.

And of course no visit to Nova Scotia would be complete without a visit to Cape Breton Island. Cape Breton – or new Scotland, as it was once known – is steeped in Scottish culture and traditions. It is also home to the iconic Cabot Trail, the 298 km (186 mile) highway that weaves through The Cape Breton Highlands National Park.