The Real
Kevin T'sPay it forward
tour of Newfoundland

When 38 planes descended upon Gander, Newfoundland on September 11, 2001, Kevin Tuerff was one of 7,000 people who arrived confused and scared to this unknown place. Within hours of US airspace closing, the community of 9,000 mobilized to provide food, clothing and shelter for every passenger and crew. The compassion shown over five days forever changed their lives, and inspired the Tony-Award winning musical ‘Come From Away’.

Inspired by Newfoundlanders, Kevin launched ‘Pay it Forward 9/11’, which encourages random acts of kindness. The annual event has now spread from the US to Canada, UK and Australia.

Join the real Kevin T on his Pay It Forward Tour of Newfoundland in September 2020 as he revisits the people and places he first encountered 19 years ago.

Prices starting at $4,419 per person

Learn more by calling 1-800-567-6666 or [email protected]

Wherever you
come from,
we all come
from away.

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